The People Speak

  • Hi, this is Vivek Oberoi. I am here at the Sight For the Sightless and I am extremely pleased to see the wonderful work the people at Sight For the Sightless are doing. I have been so moved by seeing 1 case that I have decided this year on I am going to go out and support this movement. I am going to sponsor eye surgeries or the rehabilitation of children with glaucoma. I will sponsor 12 children’s cases a year. This is my pledge. I hope it inspires you to come forward and save atleast 1 child. The gift of sight is the fulfilment of some one’s life. I hope you'll be a part of this movement.
    - Vivek Oberoi

  • Well, I think what Sight For the Sightless is doing is a very great cause. Not many institutions in India today are like them. They have come up with something of having to pick up villagers and bring them and sponsor them and do free cataract operations and get them their vision back. I think it’s a very big thing that this institution is doing and all I would like to say is wish them good luck and hope that they would continue doing the wonderful work that they do. Picking up the villagers who actually need the vision because they work so hard. What is life without seeing? Our entire life is through the perspective of our eyes and they always say that one’s soul is reflected through the eyes and what more if they are helping the poor villagers to get their vision back. I think it’s a wonderful cause so as many as villagers as they can come are most welcome to come to the Sight For the Sightless. I trust them completely so I think it’s a great cause. We should encourage this to happen much more. - Kareena Kapoor

  • It was my pleasure last week and privilege to work with the Sight For the Sightless in Pune, India. Last week, we performed 6 cornea transplants, 3 of them were children as well as many other cataract and other anterior segment, front of the eye surgeries. The Sight For the Sightless is a world class programme with terrific first- grade physicians who are benefitted significantly from learning advanced technique and technologies over the course of last week including the key elements of partial thickness and full thickness cornea transplantation and artificial cornea replacement. The Sight For the Sightless initiative is a NGO that is dedicated to its outreach across the state of Maharashtra in India which is one of the most popular states and which has quite a few villages and eye camp that recruit patients desperately in need for vision saving surgery.

  • I was pleased to make an impact last week in collaboration with the doctors and the leadership of Sight For the Sightless and I feel that in the years to come this will be a partnership that I hope to cultivate through my centre with Sight For the Sightless where we can perform education, service and skills transfer across the range of ophthalmic sub- specialities. The focus on quality at Sight For the Sightless is truly impressive. Many times in a third world situation such as India where there is just a sheer volume of patients, perhaps 6 times the patient doctor ratio as in United States, quality can be sacrificed for the sake of convenience and the organisation really has not permitted this to happen. While efficiency is maximised and preserved, quality and value of service for the patient has been the primary focus and it was really refreshing to see that in the international humanitarian context. - Dr. Bala Ambati (Associate Professor & Director, Cornea Research, University of Utah, USA)

  • "An Institution with a missionary spirit that is making a visible difference to the lives of thousands of visually impaired people." - Madam Rachel Jose, Additional Director General, Health Services, Government of India, New Delhi.

    "Impressed with the innovative interventions." - Dr. A. S. Rathore National Programme for Prevention and Control of Blindness

    "I am thrilled with the good work and very impressed with the quality of treatment that was being dispensed to the poor." - Dr. Prabhakar Deshmukh, Collector, Pune District

    "There are very few NGOs who are dispensing such high levels of quality care to the poor patients." - Dr. D Bachani, All India Asst

    Director General – Health Services – Central Government, Delhi.

  • "I am pleased with the services being provided by the centre. In future wish to continue association. All the best." - Mr. Anil Kawade CEO, Zila Parishad, Pune

    "It was a pleasure to see the work culture, cleanliness & commitment of the staff. The community programme is also functioning nicely." - Dr. P. P. Doke Executive Director State Health System Resource Centre.

    "The hospital is one of the best in the city and working for the betterment of the poor people. I wish luck to the Institution." - Mr. Shyam Wardhan Collector, Sangli

    "My visit to the Institute was literally an ‘eye opener’. Keep up the good work." - Mr. Pankaj Advani World Billiard Champion

  • "Highly impressed and contemplated with the missionary work done for humanity by the organization. I feel that I should also be a part of this mission." - Dr. Uddhao Gawande, Director Health Services Maharshtra

    "The work done by the Institute is mostly to the service of poor with quality care. The approach of Doctors & staff towards the patients is humanly and really appreciable.

    Best wishes for the noble work in eye care services by the Institute." - Dr. B. M. Wagh Asst. Director, Programme for Prevention and Control of Blindness

    "Very impressive, excellent hospital, good ambience, best cleanliness. Brilliant work, peaceful environment." - Dr. D. B. Kemkar District Ophthalmic Surgeon, Pune

  • "Good charitable hospital with devoted authority and staff. Truly doing Sadhu Vaswani’s work to light darkness" - Dr. Vinayak More Civil Surgeon, Pune

    "I am very happy with the diagnosis and treatment rendered to the patients by the team of the Institute." - Dr. Shobit Chawla, Medical Director of Prakash Netra Kendra.

    "Science, Spirituality & Passion bringing a smile on the faces of our fellow beings. I am touched." - Vision 20 20 Team

    "To be honest, I was very impressed with my visit. It concurred with the reports given to me by Dr. Chhablani and Dr. Pang. My visit to the Institute was memorable. I was impressed by the modern equipment, efficient processes, and above all, the people that make the hospital function. The staff was professional and dedicated to the mission of saving sight.

  • As happens whenever the miracle of vision is restored, the patients’ happiness of the care they received was emotionally moving. The Institute embodies the spirit of Sadhu Vaswani. " - Dr. Balaji Gupta, Paediatric Opthalmology Surgeon, Illinos, USA

    "It was a pleasure visiting the Eye Institute. Congratulations on the great job your team is doing under the guidance and blessings of Dadaji. It is a privilege for me to have been of some small support to the excellent team that you have put together." - Dr G Chandrashekhar, Director LVPEI, Hyderabad

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