Our Vision, Mission & Fundamental Principles

  • Our Vision

    "Every sightless person is an image of God, to serve him is truly to worship God." - Dada J P Vaswani

    Our Mission

    To provide expert ophthalmic care with quality and compassion.

    Our Fundamental Principles

    The Initiative believes in curing avoidable blindness with Care and Compassion.

  • We try to provide the best of care to our patients with no compromise whatsoever of ethics. The Sight For the Sightless Initiative abides by the fundamental principles of integrity, transparency, accountability, professionalism and universality with all entities associated with it, which include patients, staff, associates, suppliers and the government. All entities are treated with respect and dignity, with no bias for any gender, race, culture or creed.

    It follows the most ethical medical practices for the best interest of its patients.

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