Awards and Recognition

  • In the 8 years of its existence, the Sight For the Sightless Programme has gained considerable amount of public credibility. Read on to know more about awards and recognition awarded to the Sight For the Sightless Initiative.

    Recognised under the National Programme for the Control of Blindness. Especially appreciated for its “Quality Consciousness in Charity”.

    In June 2011, the hospital, was awarded the Swami Vivekananda Appreciation Award for its outstanding contribution to the field of Community Ophthalmology and endless efforts to combat preventable blindness.

  • Quoting from the plaque….

    to the art and science of eye care services

    for its unflinching support through co-ordination with likeminded NGO’s

    providing guidance to the community for improving the standard of eye hospital facilities

    devotion to achieve the goal of the mission of needless and preventable blindness”

    The Institute was ranked second (amongst 22 Eye Hospital NGO’s) by the Maharashtra Aarogya Sanchalaya and was felicitated at the hands of the Health Minister.

  • During an interface of Eye Care NGOs of Maharashtra and the State and the Central Government Authorities held at Mumbai, the Institute was recognized for the tremendous work done in the area of eradicating curable blindness in the short span of four years. (August 2003 - May 2007)

    The Institute was the chosen venue by the District Blindness Control Society (DBCS) to hold their Annual Meet which presented an interface between Government, NGO’s and Private Hospitals to review and appraise the work done collectively in the area of curable blindness.

    The Institute has been consistently recognized and honored by the Commissioner and Collector of Pune District.

    The Vision 20:20 Team (conglomeration of Indian and International NGO's, Eye Hospitals and Government of India)

  • visited the Institute and were especially impressed with the passion and professionalism exhibited by the management of the Institute.

    Vision In Action Week: Dr. Ambati, a super specialist in the field of Cornea based at John Moran Eye Centre, University of Utah, during his visit carried out some of the most complex, unique corneal procedures. In addition to being an expert surgeon, an academician par excellence, he provided technical training to the team of Ophthalmologists through classroom sessions and live surgical workshops. Over 250 blind school children were screened and besides complicated adult cases, 3 little boys were operated upon using unique surgical techniques. The first paediatric Keratoprothesis (artificial corneal implant) in Maharashtra was carried out.

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